FAQ: How To Build A Niche In A Shower Wall?

Can you build your own shower niche?

Building your own custom recessed shower niche from scratch can be the best way to add much needed storage in your shower. Not every shower works out perfectly to be able to put in a standard-sized preformed niche.

How do you waterproof a shower niche?

Waterproof Shower Niche

  1. To waterproof a tiled niche, apply waterproof backerboard to the inside surfaces of the niche.
  2. Next, apply waterproof membrane, bedding it in unmodified thinset.
  3. With the waterproofing complete, install the tile starting with the bottom of the niche, which should have a slight pitch for drainage.

What do you use for shower niche shelves?

Natural stone shower niche shelves are a great option as long as they match fairly well with your surrounding shower wall tile. The most popular stone shelf is made of marble because the muted grey and white tones are popular right now, and it’s fairly easy to cut and polish.

What is shower niche?

A shower niche is a fairly common term used to describe a storage space in the wall of your shower or bath to store soap, shampoo bottles, etc. It is a permanent recessed shelf (or niche) in the tile wall that is finished and waterproof, that allows you to use the space inside the wall as extra storage.

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What is a good height for a shower niche?

Positioning your niche at chest to eye-level is a good standard. This translates to a height of about 48 to 60 inches. Ideally, you’ll want to position your niche to fit between the studs which are usually located 16 inches apart. But many contractors can help you with planning the space for a more custom look.

What is the best shower waterproofing system?

The third type of shower waterproofing system is the bonded sheet membranes. The most well-known example would be the Kerdi Shower system by Schluter Systems. But there are many other products- Laticrete has a Hydroban sheet membrane shower waterproofing system and there’s the USG Durock Shower system.

How do you build a wall niche?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to build a niche into an interior wall.

  1. use hammer to knock out drywall.
  2. Cut the Plywood.
  3. Create the Box, Prime and Paint.
  4. nail box into wall studs.
  5. add rosettes to corners to finish.

What are the best shower wall panels?

The best choices (IMHO) by interior design styles are listed below: Contemporary – Choose high gloss acrylic or contemporary high gloss laminate panels. Traditional – Consider cultured marble and cultured granite, marble pattern PVC composite or textured slate laminate wall panels.

How do you do a niche?

If you’re struggling to decide, or you need more data to work with, use the following five steps to find your niche.

  1. Identify your interests and passions. This may be something you’ve already done.
  2. Identify problems you can solve.
  3. Research your competition.
  4. Determine the profitability of your niche.
  5. Test your idea.

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