FAQ: How To Decorate Fireplace Wall?

How do you decorate a fireplace wall?

Decorating Ideas for Fireplace Mantels and Walls

  1. Play Up Rustic Details. Pull out your writing utensils and start taking notes from this texture-rich stone fireplace.
  2. Keep Things Bright + Airy.
  3. Wow With Floor-to-Ceiling Wood.
  4. Rainbow Reads.
  5. Opt for Elegant Arches.
  6. Pull Accents From Your Art Collection.
  7. Reach New Heights.
  8. Mix + Match.

What can I put on my fireplace walls?

15 Mantel Decor Ideas for Above Your Fireplace

  1. Mirror.
  2. Art.
  3. Family Photos.
  4. Television.
  5. Clock.
  6. Wreath.
  7. Chalkboard.
  8. Window Pane.

How can I make my fireplace look nice?

16 Ingenious Ways to Style a Non-Working Fireplace

  1. of 16. Re-Tile It. Old meets new in this living room by Kingston Lafferty Design.
  2. of 16. Paint It Black.
  3. of 16. Incorporate Logs.
  4. of 16. Fake It.
  5. of 16. Use a Statement Screen.
  6. of 16. Display Artwork.
  7. of 16. Arrange Flowers.
  8. of 16. Fill It With Vintage Books.
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How do you decorate an unused fireplace?

Decorating ideas for the fireplace in the living room

  1. Logs with candles.
  2. bottle green and white glass on the fireplace.
  3. Bonded to glass or plastic butterflies.
  4. white candles as decoration for the home.
  5. fake newspaper cardboard DIY.
  6. Decoration for the fireplace with wallpaper.
  7. open shelves in the fireplace.

What can I put on a tall wall above a fireplace?

45 Ideas For What To Hang On That Empty Wall Above Your Fireplace

  • OVERSIZE MIRRORS. Mirrors are probably the number one most common thing to see above a fireplace.

Is it safe to put TV over fireplace?

It’s not advisable to mount a TV above a fireplace because excess heat and electronics don’t mix. The area above the fireplace is often warmer than other wall surfaces in your home. The farther the fireplace mantle extends into the room, the more it will deflect heat from the above wall (and TV mounted there).

What is the best color to paint a fireplace?

Keep the Colours Neutral

To give a neutral look, use shades of white. Natural look can be got by using Tan, beige, cream, and light gray. Soft shades of gray and black go well will contemporary style rooms. Painting with light neutral colours can create a real brick look and blend with any decor.

How do you style a living room with a fireplace?

Do’s and Don’ts for Living Room Layouts with a Fireplace

Use coffee tables and ottomans to create pathways, not block them. DO place an accent chair beside the fireplace, creating an inviting and warm fireplace seat for you or a guest. DON’T put a rug too close to the fireplace.

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How do I upgrade my fireplace?

We rounded up our favorite ideas to help you update your fireplace for a more modern look.

17 Fireplace Remodel Ideas

  1. Add Glass Fireplace Doors.
  2. Get Your Firebrick in Shape.
  3. Install a Mantel.
  4. Opt for a Salvaged Mantel.
  5. Add a Gas Fireplace.
  6. Put in a Fireplace Insert.
  7. Tile a Hearth.

How can I make my old fireplace look better?

But if your mantel is looking a little tired there are lots of budget-friendly, practical tips to give it a makeover.

  1. Start by giving it a good clean.
  2. Brush it up with paint.
  3. Embrace the materials.
  4. Whitewash it.
  5. Tile in style.
  6. Fit a floating beam.
  7. Replace the mantelpiece.
  8. Try a faux fire.

What is the most popular fireplace?

Stone is clearly the most popular. Here’s the data specifically for fireplaces in all rooms: Brick: 9.58% Concrete: 2.91%

What should I put on the floor of my fireplace?

For a solution that is less invasive but just as effective, purchase a hearth pad or fireplace rug to lay in front of the hearth. Pads made of tile or other hard materials can often act like a hearth extension, but even a decorative fire-retardant rug can add some protection.

What do you put in a fireplace to decorate?

  1. No Heat Required.
  2. Fill It With Fire-Ready Logs Anyway.
  3. Embrace a More Organic Design.
  4. Fake Stacked Logs With a DIY Summer Front.
  5. Place Tiered Candles Inside.
  6. Cover It With an Ornate Fire Screen.
  7. Use It as a Shadow Box to Display a Favorite Object.
  8. Handsome Firebox.

How do you hide an unused fireplace?

The mantel and molding can still be the visual centerpiece of the room.

  1. Install a decorative tin fireplace cover to hide the inside of the fireplace without detracting from the mantel and hearth.
  2. Place a folding screen in front of the fireplace.
  3. Have a favorite photograph blown up and printed on a large canvas.
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How do you seal an unused fireplace?

I have found the best way to seal an unused fireplace flue is to install a piece of slate or thin stone on top of the unused flue tile using masonry caulk to adhere the stone. This way, if the fireplace is ever to be used in the future, the piece of stone can be removed easily without causing any damage to the flue.

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