FAQ: How To Fold An Aikido Gi?

How do you fold aikido hakama?

How to Fold Hakama

  1. Neatly attach line A to line B.
  2. Pick it up with both left and right hand as shown.
  3. Swing it to get it lined up several times. and then carefully set down face up.
  4. Flip bottoms up and get.
  5. Again attach line A to line B promptly.
  6. Fold both ends almost 4 inches to.
  7. Fold it from bottom by.
  8. Again Fold it from bottom.

How do you fold a GI backpack?

For the backpack fold, you start by spreading your Gi wide open on the floor or a table. next, fold the pants lengthwise once and put them inside your BJJ Gi top and fold the bottom inwards, so that it fits the top. Then you proceed to flap the lapels over, just like when wearing the Gi.

How do you wear Aikido gi?

Putting on the gi:

Cords go through the loops and tie with a regular bow knot. Jacket: Left side over right. The left side is on top. The right side on top means you’re dead.

What do you wear under a GI?

Under your Gi pants, you can wear shorts or spats (spats are used in No-Gi). If you are a woman, you can wear women’s rashguard, sports bra, under the Gi top and spats under the Gi pants. In case you are practicing mostly in a Gi, you can wear short sleeves rashguard.

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How do you tie gi pants?


  1. Pull both drawstrings away from your body until the waist band is snug. Some people like to go extra snug which really insures the pants will stay in place.
  2. Feed drawstring ends through the belt loops towards the middle of the pants.
  3. Tie a knot and if you desire cut off any excess length of drawstring.

How do you put on hakama pants?

Putting on the Clothing: The Hakama

  1. Put both legs into the Hakama, paying attention to the inner border so that you pull them up over the correct legs.
  2. Wrap the front belts around all the way around your back and back around to the front of the Hakama.

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