FAQ: How To Hide Dvd Player With Wall Mounted Tv?

What do you do with cable box when wall mounted TV?

One idea for where to put your cable box is to use shelves that are also wall mounted. These are typically placed below the television and can accommodate multiple devices in a variety of arrangements.

How do you hide a DVD?

Hiding away your DVD collection is as simple as closing your closet door. If you have solid wood doors, you could screw the shelving unit right on the door. For only $35 and around two hours, this is a great DVD storage idea. You could also build these cabinet door storage bins.

Can DVD players be mounted vertically?

Vertical capable drives, as in some computers, have the snap in wire piece that holds the disc in position. Regular dvd drawers don’t have these. If you try to turn it vertical, the disc will slide out of position, and possibly jam in the player.

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How do you hide cable box with wall mounted TV?

HIDE the Cable Box Behind a Wall Mounted TV

  1. Step 1: Gather Your Tools.
  2. Step 2: Determine Mount Location(s) With Your TV on the Wall.
  3. Step 4: Line Up Your Component Mount With the Anchors.
  4. Step 5: Insert Your Devices Connect & Tidy Cords.

Where do you put DVD player when TV is on wall?

Option 1: Put them on a shelf or a furniture

One of the options to hide a DVD player or virgin box when your TV is on the wall is to simply leave them on sight. If you don’t want to hang them on the wall, you can well place them on a shelf as well.

Where do the wires go on a wall mounted TV?

The outlet power is attached to a plastic tube that you place behind the wall via two holes that you drill into the wall behind the TV(one hole low on the wall, the other higher on the wall behind the TV). Your TV cords run through the plastic tube. The top outlet has a power plug. This is where you plug in the TV.

What is the best way to store CDs and DVDs?

CD And DVD Storage Solutions Without Cases

If you do decide you want to remove the cases from your CDs and DVDs you will save a significant amount of space. The most popular way to hold loose discs is in pockets in a binder or wallet, such as those shown to the right.

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How do you hide a DVD on a bookshelf?

  1. Store discs in stacked, labeled CD books.
  2. Hide them in pretty shoeboxes.
  3. File them.
  4. Organize by color on floating shelves.
  5. Store them in the bathroom.
  6. Hang them on a wall.
  7. Spell with shelves.
  8. Hide them in a cabinet with doors.

Can Blu Ray players be mounted vertically?

Yes, you can use any slot-load drive in a vertical orientation.

Can you stand a Blu Ray player on its side?

1-5 of 5 Answers

You can stand it on its side, you may need to balance it with something to keep it from falling over. When you add the cover, it stands on its side.

Where do you put cable box for wall mounted TV above fireplace?

Your cable box is going to need a place to sit when you install your TV above your fireplace. You can place it on the mantle if it’s wide enough. However, if there’s not enough room, you can also have the cables run to a box in another room. Another thing that works is building a shelf just for your cable box.

Can cable box be hidden?

The obvious solution is to hide it behind behind closed doors. Unfortunately, many of today’s cable boxes and other componenets use IR (infrared) remotes, which require line of sight to work. So if you put your cable box behind doors, you’ll have to open them whenever you want to change channels.

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