FAQ: How To Paste Wall Paper?

Can I use normal wallpaper paste for paste the wall paper?

Yes, if you find it easier to hang conventionally then you can paste the back of Paste the wallpapers. It’s still quicker as there is no ‘soaking time’.

Can I paste the wall instead of paper?

If it says paste the wall, you can do either, won’t make any difference. If it says paste the paper, then paste the paper, it needs to soak in. If it says nothing, then paste the paper. Normal wallpaper always needs the paste on the paper as it needs time to expand.

What kind of paste do you use for wallpaper?

Cold water paste is suitable for most types of wallpaper and can be mixed to different strengths depending on the weight of the paper. It is also one of the easiest types of adhesive to remove, as it is water-soluble.

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How do I hang wallpaper without paste?

Apply double-sided tape on top of the painter’s tape. This provides a barrier between the double sided tape and the wall, so that removing it will not damage the wall later on. If you stick the double sided tape directly onto the wall, it will damage it when you pull it off.

How long do you leave paste on wallpaper before hanging?

After cutting, the strips are pasted evenly, folded and rolled. A consistent soaking time must be ensured at this stage. Soaking time is dependent on room temperature and wallpaper type (around 8-12 minutes). Only paste a small number of strips at one time, and hang them in the order they were pasted.

What is the difference between paste the wall and paste the paper wallpaper?

What is the difference between Paste the Wall and Paste the Paper wallpaper? The difference between these types of wallpaper is the method of applying or activating the paste before hanging the paper. When using Paste-the-Wall wallpaper, the paste is applied directly to the wall before hanging each strip.

What’s the difference between paste the wall paste and normal paste?

The major difference betweenpaste the wall” and conventional wallpaper is in their construction. Paste the wall has additional man made fibres mixed in with the pulp blend that act like a mesh. This means that “paste the wall” papers are much stronger than normal and do not expand when paste is applied.

Is Paste the Wall Wallpaper any good?

Pasting the wall as instructed is fine and quite a lot quicker as you do not have to allow the paper to soak. I only use Solvite paste myself. Size the wall first and let the paste dry, then make up the paste a little thicker than you would normally, paste the wall and hang the paper.

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Why is my wallpaper not sticking to the wall?

Drying Out

If you paste your paper too long before it is hung then the paste will dry out causing the wallpaper to blister or not stick at all. To prevent this, paste as you go rather than pasting multiple strips at a time. You may also notice a “drying-in” effect at the edges of your wallpaper.

Can I use Solvite to paste the wall?

The Solvite wallpaper paste can be used for most paste the wall wallpapers including lining papers, washable, vinyl, textured and blown vinyl, embossed and heavy embossed wallpapers. Keep the decorative face of the wallpaper free from adhesive.

Is ready mixed wallpaper paste better?

Ready mixed wallpaper paste has the main advantage that it can be used straight from the tub without you having to do anything. This makes it much quicker to get started on your wallpapering as you don’t have to measure out any water or spend time mixing the power to the right consistency.

Can I use a roller for wallpaper paste?

Use a roller not a brush to apply your wallpaper paste super-smoothly on to the wallpaper – but note that some wallpaper pastes can strip the finish, especially if the paper is fine, so check to see which type is best for your paper (a wheat base is often good).

What is the strongest wallpaper paste?

Polycell Maximum Strength Wallpaper Adhesive can be used with any type of wallpaper and mixes quickly to a smooth wallpaper paste that is very easy to apply. It contains fungicide to protect against mould growth.

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How do you use metylan wallpaper paste?

sprinkle the contents of one packet of Metylan (200gms) gradually into 4 litres of cold water whilst stirring firmly (use an old egg whisk!). Repeat after approx 3 mins and beat well after about 25-30 minutes. The paste is now ready for use.

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