Often asked: Aikido How We Roll?

What is ukemi in Aikido?

Ukemi is learning the soft internal side of Aikido, to be inside the technique like a surfer riding through a wave as it crashes down. Ukemi is a critical part of Aikido and of life. Ukemi is having connection with the forces that move with and around us. It is also how we learn to make technique work.

How do you do a combat roll?

You will roll in a circle over your head, to the flat of the back (not the shoulder), the hips to the bottom of your feet and up to a standing position. I know the combat roll is very different from what most aikido, judo and jujutsu practitioners have been taught, but don’t reject it outright.

How do you do a shoulder roll?

Stand with feet shoulder width apart and arms to your sides. Rotate shoulders in a forward direction making big circles with them and then rotate them backwards. Keep your back straight and breathing normal. This exercise is great for loosening up the shoulder muscles.

What is a parkour roll?

The Parkour Roll, PK Roll, Shoulder Roll, Martial Arts Roll, Judo Roll, Safety Roll, or simply the Roll, is a breakfall widely used in Parkour and Freerunning. It is preformed by rolling from one shoulder to the opposite hip.

What is a combat roll in kayaking?

A solid combat roll will help open up new paddling horizons. The combat roll is any roll you have to perform due to an unintended capsize, especially in rough conditions due to wind, surf, tide rips, ocean rock gardens, and storm seas.

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