Often asked: How To Hang A Large Platter On The Wall?

How do you hang decorative trays on the wall?

Because these trays are light and not fragile, hanging them was fairly simple. I just used 3M Command Strips. To hang, I removed the tape from both strips, placed them on the back of the tray, and then pressed the tray onto the wall, holding it in place for a few seconds to make sure things had adhered.

How do you hang a silver tray on the wall?

To hang, I used a twist tie to secure the round platter to the nail in the wall. I just happened to have the silver ones from cello treat bags but the color doesn’t matter as it doesn’t show. The oval platters just hang directly onto the nail, no picture needed.

How do you hang a hook on the wall?

Slide the hook onto the wall and wait 1 hour before hanging anything. Hold the hook piece over the backplate so the tab lines up with the hole in front of the hook. Slide the hook down onto the backplate until the tab clicks into place to secure your hook.

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Can you hang plates with Command Strips?

If you‘re not concerned with removing the plate hanger, a more affordable method is using a paperclip and super-glue to create an invisible hook on the back of the plate. Another invisible plate hanger idea is to use 3M command strips. I have the best luck and most staying power with the velcro kind.

How do you make a hanging hook?

You can use serving spoons and bend them up to actually hold things or just use smaller forks and spoons to create hooks for hanging coats, towels or purses. You can attach them to a board or just hang them directly on the wall.

How do you use a plate hanger adhesive?

To avoid covering writing on the back of your plate, use two smaller hangers attached to the lips of the plate. String picture hanging wire between these two smaller hangers, and then attach the plate to a picture hook on the wall. Make sure the two hangers support the weight of the plate.

What size plate hanger do I need?

We generally say that a plate stand should be at least 3/4″ of the height of the item you are displaying. So if you have a 10″ plate, you will want a stand that is at least 7 1/2″ tall. Or if you have a 12″ plate, you will want a stand that is at least 9″ tall. You can always go with a larger stand too.

How does a plate hanger work?

The key to working with these hangers is to bend the top of the hanger so that your plate will lay flat on the wall once hung. The best way to do this is to first attach the plate hanger to the plate and lie the plate on a flat surface. Once all of your plates have hangers, it’s time to get them up on the wall!

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How do you build a plate wall?

How to Create the Ultimate Plate Wall

  1. Gather Plates. Gather the plates you want to use, and vary the size, color and pattern for visual interest.
  2. Affix Plate Hangers. Place the plate hangers on several plates so they’ll be ready to hang once you’ve decided on their wall placement.
  3. Hang the First Plate.
  4. Continue Down the Wall.

How do you display plates on a shelf?

Set the rack on the shelf and arrange the plates from biggest to smallest.

  1. Make sure the plates are facing out towards the front of the cabinet.
  2. If your plates have a pattern or picture in the center, stand them in the rack so that the design is rightside up.

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