Often asked: What To Put Behind Dart Board To Protect Wall?

What is the best thing to put behind a dart board?

The dart board backboard

Plan on having a backstop behind your dartboard. This could be cork, soft wood planks, or covered cardboard. You want something that the dart will stick into but won’t show a hole when you pull it out. I used a large piece of heavy cardboard that I covered in dark grey felt.

How do you hang a dartboard without damaging the wall?

You can hang a dartboard with command strips. Command strips can hold up to 16 lbs of weight and are capable of hanging a standard dartboard, which weighs between 10 to 12 lbs, on a wall or a door. Command strips are an easy solution to hang a dartboard without damaging the wall.

How do I keep my dart board from moving?

To stop the dartboard from moving, you will need to tighten the large bolt in the middle of the bracket as well as the smaller screws on the back. If these are not tightened this can cause the dartboard to continue to move / rotate.

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How far should a dartboard be from the wall?

The throwing distance in the game of darts is regulated at 7′ 9.25” | 2.37 m from the oche to the front face of the dartboard. Dartboards must be hung on the wall with the center of the bullseye at 5’8” | 1.73 m from the floor—a height established based on the eye-level of a six foot man.

Can you lean over the line in darts?

A player may throw a dart or darts from any point of the playing area as long as their foot stays behind the front edge of the throw line. A player may lean their upper part of the body over the throw line and throw a dart or darts as long as their toe doesn’t cross the front edge of the throw line.

How do you maintain a dart board?

Dartboard Maintenance: 5 Ways to Make Your Board Last Longer

  1. 1) Rotate Your Board Regularly.
  2. 2) Never use water or other liquids to clean the board.
  3. 3) Use smooth, sharp darts.
  4. 4) Twist, Don’t Pull.
  5. 5) Don’t Overdo the Setup.

What should I look for when buying a dart board?

What to Look for When Buying a Dartboard [16 Tips]

  • Bristle Dartboard.
  • Bladed Dartboard Wiring.
  • Removable Number Ring.
  • The Dartboard Edge.
  • The Ink Used to Color the Dartboard.
  • Staple-Free Wiring and Bullseye.
  • Dartboard Accessories.
  • Wall Bracket.

How thick should cork board be for darts?

900mm) in size and are a full 1” (25mm) thick. As many sheets as required can be butted together forming as large a backing area as needed. Non-reflective cork will eliminate glare.

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Can I hang a dartboard on drywall?

To hang a dartboard on drywall, it’s best to mount the board to a wall stud. The stud provides ample support for the dartboard’s weight. A board can weigh 10 pounds or more, enough to rip the mounting screws out of drywall if the board is hung from drywall without wall anchors.

Can soft tip darts damage walls?

Yes, soft tip darts can damage walls depending on how hard they are thrown. Typically, soft tip darts will do much less damage to walls than steel tip darts. Soft tip darts tend to bounce off walls leaving only a small depression in the wall where a steel tip dart will puncture a wall.

Can you hang a dartboard on a door?

The standard way to hang a dartboard is by putting it on a wall or a door. The other piece that should have come with your dartboard is the mounting bracket. The mounting bracket is placed on the wall with the use of two screws.

What is the best dart board?

The 11 Best Dart Boards to Buy in 2021 [With Reviews]

  • #1 – Winmau Blade 5 – Best Bang for Buck.
  • #2 – TG Champion – Best Cheap Dart Board.
  • #3 – Viper Shot King – Good Value.
  • #4 – Viper Hudson – Best Cabinet Dartboard.
  • #5 – Viper League Pro – Safe Choice.
  • #6 – Cricket Pro 900 by Arachnid – Best Electronic Dart Board.

How do you hang a soft tip dart board?

When playing with soft tip darts, the throw line (oche) should be 7 ft. 9 ¼ inches (2.73 m) from the face of the board. This distance should be increased to 8 feet for steel tip darts. This is be measured from the face of the board and does not to include the space between the face of the dartboard and the wall.

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