Readers ask: Who Founded Wushu?

When was Wushu found? The origins of wushu may be traced back to early man and his struggle for survival in the harsh environment during Bronze Age (3000-1200 BC), or even earlier, a struggle that led to the development of techniques to defend against both wild animals and other human beings. Who is the founder … Read More

FAQ: Who Better Muay Thai Vs Taekwondo?

Which is better muay thai or taekwondo? Both are good in their own way, but there are always people who prefer one over the other. Muay Thai is more effective in a self-defense scenario as Taekwondo requires distance to be effective. Muay Thai has devastating techniques for close and far ranges. Is Muay Thai the … Read More

Often asked: Why Wear Taekwondo Robes?

What is a taekwondo outfit called? Dobok is the uniform worn by practitioners of Korean martial arts. Why do Taekwondo uniforms need respect? Wearing the uniform also pays respect to the heritage of Taekwondo, relating all the way back to Korea. If the uniform is dirty, then it is disrespectful to the sport and the … Read More

Ufc Fighters Who Use Taekwondo?

Does Conor McGregor use taekwondo? In short, Conor McGregor’s base martial arts are Boxing and Kickboxing, with him later integrating Capoeira, Taekwondo, and Karate into his style. However, he also holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under John Kavanagh, and trains in Wrestling with his coach Sergey Pikulskiy. Is Taekwondo useful in real fight? … Read More