Question: How To Decorate Wall Behind Couch?

How do you decorate a wall behind a sectional couch?

  1. Paint the focal wall behind the sectional in a vivid, dark or striking color that works within your home.
  2. Harmonize the walls, sofa and space with art or a mirror.
  3. Tuck a large plant, tall lamp or statue, like a wooden giraffe, into the wall’s corner, if you have an empty space behind the sectional that needs filling.

What should I put above my couch?

Mount Mirrors Above the Sofa

Above a sofa can be a great place to hang a large mirror, but keep in mind that, whenever possible, mirrors should be hung across from windows or something else that’s visually appealing. Don’t hang a large mirror over a sofa simply because it’s an empty space and you happen to have one.

What can I put on a big wall behind a couch?

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Adding a mirror to the wall behind your sofa will create the illusion of a larger space, accentuate the height of your ceilings and reflect the decorative accents on the opposite side of the room for maximum beauty.

What do you put behind an angled sofa?

A couple of silk trees or palms can be wonderful if they are of varying heights, and well lit from the floor. Another option for behind the sofa is a long sofa table. This is practical because it can hold either one lamp at an end, or two buffet style lamps at either end to bring more warmth to the room.

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How do you decorate above a couch?

12 Unique Ways to Fill the Space Above Your Sofa

  1. Repurpose an Area Rug. Handed-down tapestries have been a wall decor mainstay for centuries.
  2. Perfect a Sofa Table.
  3. Paint Your Own Artwork.
  4. Embrace the Boho Trend.
  5. Let Your Vintage Flags Fly.
  6. Map It Out.
  7. Turn Wallpaper Into Artwork.
  8. Mirror Mirror.

Should a picture be centered to couch or wall?

Artwork should be centered over the furniture such as a sofa, bed or mantel. Artwork placed above a main piece of furniture in the room should be placed no more than six inches above the piece of furniture in order to make them appear cohesive.

How big should a picture be above a couch?

2) When hanging wall art over furniture, such as a bed, a fireplace or a couch, it should be between 2/3 to 3/4 of the width of the furniture. You can do a similar calculation here for measuring the ideal canvas size above your couch for example. Let’s say your couch is 6 feet wide, multiply 6 by 0.66 and 0.75.

How high do you hang pictures on a 10 foot wall?

A good rule of thumb is to hang art so that its midpoint is between 57 and 60 inches from the floor.

Can you hang two identical pictures on the same wall?

Hanging two pictures together of the same frame sizing makes it easy to match up the images in a good location. You can hang them side-by-side or on the outside of a key piece of furniture or other home accent. Hanging four pictures on a wall may seem complicated at first, but it’s really not.

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