Question: Lucio How To Wall Ride?

What is a Reddit Lucio?

Reddit Lucio was initially an insult that basically meant the Lucio was prioritising being stylish and getting kills over being effective and helping their team. However now it’s flung around by tilted teammate when they die and you’re not being a healbot.

What’s a Reddit Lucio?

A Reddit Lúcio is the term given to a lucio player by a DPS or tank that keeps dying because they’re always out of position, Or just generally not doing their job.

Can Lucio heal through walls?

since it is a sound based ability, it should be able to go through walls, but maybe it only heals or speedboosts 1/4 of the full amount.

Is Lucio a good support?

I feel like Lucio is a pretty underrated support he’s gotten nerfs to his speed boost which did have an impact on his viability but he has sub par healing and his boosted healing is really good in helping people live through crucial fights and he builds his ult so easily and he can stick to points easily as well not

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