Question: Taekwondo How To Say Roundhouse Kick Board Break In Korean?

How do you say roundhouse kick in Korean?

Dollyo Chagi – Roundhouse Kick.

How do you say taekwondo kick in Korean?

Taekwondo Kicks with Korean Names

  1. The Front Kick (앞 차기, “Ap Chagi”)
  2. The Side Kick (옆 차기, “Yeop Chagi”)
  3. The Roundhouse Kick (돌려 차기, “Dollyeo Chagi”)
  4. The Back Kick (뒷 차기, “Dwit Chagi”)
  5. The Reverse Side Kick (반대 옆 차기, “Bandae Yeop Chagi”)
  6. 6 & 7.
  7. The Hook Kick (후려 차기, “Huryeo Chagi”)

How do you say AXE kick in Korean?


  1. Kick – Chagi.
  2. Front Kick – Ahp Chagi.
  3. Side Kick – Yup Chagi.
  4. Roundhouse Kick – Dolyo Chagi.
  5. Back Kick – Dwi Chagi.
  6. Axe Kick – Naelyo Chagi.
  7. Jump Front Kick – Twio Ahp Chagi.
  8. Jump Side Kick – Twio Yup Chagi.

What is the hardest kick in Taekwondo?

From our research and from what the experts say, the Spinning Hook Kick is the hardest in Taekwondo.

What does chagi mean?

CHAGI, Male means: Variant spelling of Hebrew Chaggiy, CHAGI means “festive.”

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What do they yell in Taekwondo?

Taekwondo Blog

Martial artists often generate an impressive and intimidating shout when throwing a kick or strike. In Taekwondo, we call this sound a kihap 기합 (sometimes spelled kihup, kiai, or kyup). Yelling forces us to exhale, removing air from our diaphragms and bringing more power and speed to our attacks.

What is a punch called in Korean?

Jireugi (or Jirugi) – Punch. Naeryeo Jireugi – Downward Punch. Pyeon Jumek Jireugi – Half-Clenched Fist Punch. Pyojeok Jireugi – Target Punch.

What is bow in Taekwondo?

Bowing. When you bow, it signifies not only respect for your instructors and classmates, but respect for yourself, the art and life in general. It is a universally understand gesture that signifies respect and appreciation. You should always bow to your instructor regardless of where you are at (supermarket, mall, etc)

Why do they hug in Taekwondo?

If what you mean by hug is getting close to the opponent during a fight, then here is the answer; In Taekwondo as well, opponents do the same frequently. Once you close to/hug your opponent, basically you are safe from getting punched/kicked since there is no space for your opponent to through a kick/punch.

What is the feet position in backward stance?

The Back Stance (dwi kubi seogi) is performed with the leading foot pointed directly forward, the rear foot perpendicular at a 90 degree angle from the front foot. (This is why it it sometimes called an L Stance, your two feet are placed like the letter L. See also, Left Stance and Right Stance.)

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What are the levels of belts in Taekwondo?

Belt Ranks at Akula Taekwondo

Color Rank
White Belt 10th GUP
Yellow Belt 9th GUP
Orange Belt 8th GUP
Green Belt 7th GUP

What do you call a taekwondo player?

Taekwondoin is a term used to call every persons practicing Tae Kwon Do, just like Karateka, Judoka, or Aikidoka in Japanese equivalent.

Who is the father of Taekwondo?

Gen. Choi Hong Hi, widely acknowledged as the founder of tae kwon do, a martial art that began in Korea and spread rapidly to community centers and storefronts around the United States, died on June 15 in Pyongyang, North Korea.

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