Question: The Escapist How To Make A Fake Wall?

How do you hide a hole in the wall in the escapists?

You can cover the hole by using soil (or dirt) on it. This will repair the hole by a certain amount of durability, but the tile will still be damaged (and you will have to dig it again to enter the tunnel.) You can also place a Desk over a hole to hide it.

How do you make a fake fence cover in the escapists?

Similar to the Fake Wall Block and the Fake Vent Cover, you can cover your tracks without raising guard suspicion or risking your escape operation.To place the Fake Fence in your desired location, left click the gap (or press X button if on Xbox) between the two fences.

How do you place a poster on the wall in the escapists?

The Poster is an item in The Escapists. It is a decorative item that can take the place of a wall to hide what is on the other side. It serves the same purpose as the Fake Wall Block except it has unlimited durability.


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Result Components
Poster 1 x Magazine, 1 x Roll of Duct Tape

How do you make a pickaxe in escapists?

It is a Lightweight Pickaxe but to the lesser extent. It’s made using a crowbar, a tool handle, and duct tape. It is usually used for crafting a Lightweight Pickaxe as it will easily break, wasting the materials used to make it.

Flimsy Pickaxe
Will be confiscated
Limited-Use Item
Digging 2 / 5
Chipping 3 / 5

How do you brace a tunnel in the escapists?

The Timber Brace is used to support your underground tunnel when it grows larger. If you do not support your tunnel, you cannot dig very far (you are unable to dig if the tunnel has extended too long without a Timber Brace installed). It can be used as a weapon in The Escapists 2.

Timber Brace
Range Medium

How do you make soil in the escapists?

Dirt is an item in The Escapists. It is obtained through digging a square of land. This item cannot be dropped while digging. If the guards find dirt it is classified as evidence of digging and you’ll be thrown in solitary.

How do you make a trowel in the escapists?

This a digging item in The Escapists. It can be used to dig holes in the ground and tunnel through the dirt. It can be acquired from other inmates or taken from the gardening closet, depending on your job.

Can flimsy cutters cut through a fence?

The fence is a tile that is present on all prisons and can be cut with a File or any form of cutters (Flimsy Cutters, Lightweight Cutters, Sturdy Cutters).

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How do you cover up a vent in the escapists?

The Vent Cover is an item in The Escapists. It is found covering all vents at the start of the game. The Vent Cover can only be removed with either a Screwdriver, a Powered Screwdriver, a Plastic Knife, Cutting Floss, or a File or Cutters.

How do you make wire in the escapists?

Obtaining. Wires can be found in inmate desks and on their bodies when knocked unconscious. Can be bought from inmates.

How do you make a screwdriver in the escapists?

Obtaining. Can be obtained by buying it from fellow inmates or knocking them out. Can also be found in prisoner stashes in vents or maintenance corridors, as well as in desks.

How do you make a magazine in the escapists?

Obtaining. Can be found in Inmates’ Desks, bought from Shops or be found on knocked-out inmates.

How do you mold a key in the escapists?

In order to make a Key Mould, first make a Wad of Putty. Then knock out the desired guard, open his inventory, and remove the key. Craft the key together with the wad of putty to make a key Mould of the color key. Then open the guard’s inventory up again and replace the original key.

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