Question: What Is Balls To The Wall?

Where does the expression balls to the wall?

The phrase is essentially the aeronautical equivalent of the automotive “pedal to the metal.” The expression is first found in military-aviation sources that date from the Vietnam War, and it was recorded in the slang of U.S. Air Force Academy cadets in 1969.

What does balls to the walk mean?

With maximum effort, energy, or speed, and without caution or restraint. The phrase most likely originated as an aviation term, referring to the throttle levers of military aircraft (which have a rounded ball on top) being pushed to their maximum limit (i.e., to the bulkhead, or “wall”).

Where does the saying balls out come from?

“Old steam engines had a governor rod with ball shaped spinning weights on the ends. When the engine was running at maximum speed centrifugal force moved the balls all the way out.”

What does walls mean in slang?

slang: into a state of intense agitation, annoyance, or frustration the noise drove me up the wall.

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Does the wall use real balls?

The entire wall is glass enclosed so there is no air resistance. The ball is also dropped by machine,no manual input hence equal force of drop in every try.

What does the phrase open your balls mean?

rude slang (acting upon someone else) To harass, nag, or upbraid someone to do, accomplish, or complete something. The boss is busting everyone’s balls to get the project ready by next week. Quit busting my balls! I’ll get it done eventually!

What does balls to you mean?

Dima. 2. Also, please be aware that this is a very informal phrase, and mildly vulgar. Balls is slang for testicles. So it’s saying that one is manly enough to do something. 6 дней назад

What does to the wall mean?

1 US: to make every possible effort to achieve something, to win, etc. He’s prepared to go to the wall to defend his beliefs. 2 British: to fail because of a lack of money a company that has gone to the wall.

What does it mean to come a cropper?

come a cropper, Informal. to fail; be struck by some misfortune: His big deal came a cropper. to fall headlong, especially from a horse.

What is the meaning of balls of steel?

noun – plural

metaphorical testicles that people with courage or gall have. You must have balls of steel showing your face in here. See more words with the same meaning: brave.

What does it mean to ball out?

1. A misspelling of “bawl out,” meaning to scold or reprimand someone in a harsh, forceful manner. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between “ball” and “out.” The teacher balled us out when she caught us cheating on the test. I got balled out by my mother for staying out past curfew.

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What mean balls?

Balls is testicles. Period. ” She/he” has big brass balls“, means agression like that brought on by testosterone. ” Kicked in the balls“, means kicked in the testes. ”

What does woe mean?

Definition of woe (Entry 2 of 2) 1: a condition of deep suffering from misfortune, affliction, or grief. 2: ruinous trouble: calamity, affliction economic woes.

What does AWOL mean in texting?

AWOL means “Absent Without Leave“.

What is Wallout?

to go all out or lose control. Normally used when speaking of a party or wild occurrence. We got to the club and started wallin’ out. See more words with the same meaning: to act wild, strange, crazy.

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