Quick Answer: How To Fill Empty Wall Space?

How do you fill empty wall space in a bedroom?

Here are some easy ways you can take your bedroom wall decorating to the next level.

  1. Paint (or wallpaper) the wall a rich, vibrant color.
  2. Hang a patterned rug.
  3. Add a wall mural.
  4. Create a gallery wall.
  5. Hang a room divider.
  6. Hang a horizontal painting or mirror.
  7. Hang a series of wall art horizontally.

What can I do with a blank wall in my room?

Below are several ideas to help make those blank walls the highlight of each room.

  1. Add millwork. Getty Images.
  2. Create a wood pallet wall. Getty Images.
  3. Add a map.
  4. Add mirrors and sconces — or ledges.
  5. Add a dramatic color.
  6. Create interesting storage options.
  7. Create a graffiti wall.
  8. Create an authentic-looking wood or stone wall.

What can I do with a bare wall?

If you’re ready to turn those stark, bare walls into stylish centerpieces, keep reading.

20 Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

  1. Go for Large-Scale Art.
  2. Create a Gallery Wall.
  3. Incorporate an Accent Wall.
  4. Showcase Fabric.
  5. Hang Mirrors.
  6. Paint a Mural.
  7. Install Shelves.
  8. Hang Plates.
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How do you fill empty wall space in a kitchen?

What to Do with Empty Wall Space in Kitchen?

  1. Rustic accents always make the space cozier and unique.
  2. Avoid generic art (think about the meaning of the piece you’re adding).
  3. Use live greenery, especially herbs.
  4. Repurpose materials, vintage utensils, and frames.
  5. Mix and match materials (metal, wood, canvas).

What should I put on my empty wall?

The Best Ways to Decorate Large Blank Walls

  1. Floating Shelves. Floating furniture is sure to liven up any area — from floor to ceiling — in the most stylish of ways.
  2. Hanging Rug.
  3. Oversized Art.
  4. Utilize Height.
  5. Playful Display.
  6. Curated Vignette.
  7. Make a Statement.

What can I put in an empty corner?

  • Build Visual Interest with Mirrors and Antique Finds.
  • Construct a Decorative Shelf.
  • Install a Dry Bar.
  • Repurpose a Vintage Find.
  • Add a Show-Stopping Cat Tower.
  • Present Art in a Unique Fashion.
  • Pick a Plant for an Empty Corner.
  • Style a Corner Bar.

How should I arrange my paintings on the wall?

Use one large piece or several small pieces that appear as one unit.

  1. Remember you are decorating a wall. Choose smaller pieces for narrow walls and larger canvas wall art pieces for big walls.
  2. Arrange pictures on a wall before putting hammer to nail. Lay everything out on a table or on the floor.
  3. Hang artwork at eye level.

How do you break up a long wall?

Break up your wall functionally by installing shelves, hanging baskets or hooks. This is particularly useful in a long entryway, where storage for small, everyday items such as coats and keys is necessary. You can also use shelving in conjunction with wall art to introduce variety into your display.

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Does every wall need decor?

The key to any successful interior design is balance. That means when it comes to hanging pictures, no, you don’t need to fill every wall space with pictures. Empty wall space can be used as a crucial design element to enhance your décor.

How can I decorate my walls for cheap?

18 Inexpensive DIY Wall Decor Ideas

  1. Paint Thrift Store Frames. One of my first stops at the thrift store is the frames section.
  2. Hang Up Old Shutters.
  3. Frame Old Baby Clothes.
  4. Make Art from Vintage Yardsticks.
  5. Curate a Collection.
  6. Make Oversized Sheet Music.
  7. Make a Simple Sign.
  8. Frame Book Pages.

How can I decorate my walls without pictures?

10 EASY WAYS TO DECORATE A BLANK WALL (Without using framed art)

  1. 10 Wall Decorating Ideas:
  2. Make a statement wall with a statement.
  3. Decorate a blank wall with a DIY photo ledge (or Two)
  4. Decorate your wall with hats.
  5. Paint a Wall Mural.
  6. Decorate your wall using Macrame.
  7. Use washi tape to hang photographs.

What can I put on my kitchen walls instead of tiles?

Two materials that I highly recommend are laminate and glass. ‘ ‘As with tiles, both laminate and glass splashbacks can be used to make a style statement. You can create a real contrast to your units by opting for a bold, striking colour, especially if set against a more neutral hued kitchen.

What can I put on the wall behind my stove?

A stainless steel backsplash creates a sleek, modern look. Flat panels can be attached to the wall behind your stove to provide a functional surface that protects your wall from cooking spatters. Textured and patterned stainless steel backsplashes are also available to give a decorative accent to your kitchen.

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What should I hang on my kitchen soffit?

Here are some creative ideas for kitchen soffits:

  • Add Moulding Border.
  • Paint them.
  • Add new cabinets.
  • Cover Them With Artwork.
  • Build a window.
  • Place Plants.
  • Cover Soffits with Beadboard.
  • Use Sculptures or Books.

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