Quick Answer: How To Hang A Mask On A Wall?

How do you hang an African wall mask?

Measure down from the top of the mask to the point where the wire stretches taut. Use this measurement and draw a straight line from the top point on the wall and mark the spot to place the hook. Nail the hook into the wall and hang your mask.

How do you mount a mask?

You could simply run a string or wire through the holes to hang it, or mount it on a base with an armature. The metal wire follows the inside perimeter so it cannot be seen through the openings in the mask such as the eyes and mouth. The wire goes into a hole on each side of the mask to hold it in place.

How do you hang a ceramic mask?

Hanging ceramic masks is a great way to decorate an empty wall with a theatrical or cultural flair or to display a craft project you recently completed. Due to the fact that most ceramic masks have wire running taut across the back of the mask, the best way to secure them is with picture hooks.

How do you display a masquerade mask?

Masquerade ball masks are simply too beautiful to keep stored away in a box, so here we cover four great ideas for displaying them around your home.

  1. Hang it on the wall.
  2. Use a framed box.
  3. Create a cluster display.
  4. Display in an LED lightbox.
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How do you make a African face mask?


  1. 2Cut eye holes. Start out with an 8½-inch or 10-inch paper plate.
  2. 3Make the nose and mouth. Take some strips of newspaper.
  3. 4Paint the mask. Paint your mask with a base color, which is typically brown, black, or white.
  4. 5Paint the details.
  5. 6Add some hair.
  6. 7Use the mask.

How do you hang a heavy ceramic plate on the wall?

One of the easiest ways to hang plates on a wall is with adhesive discs. The discs come with a glue on the back that is activated when you add a little water. You stick them onto the back of your decorative plates and then hang the hooks attached to the discs on a wall.

How do you hang pictures on ceramic tile?

There is a way to easily hang tiles on your wall.

  1. Buy a package of metal picture sawtooth hooks in any store that sells framing supplies.
  2. Lay the ceramic tile face down on a towel to protect it from getting scratched.
  3. Place a dab of clear silicone glue on each end of the sawtooth hook.

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