Quick Answer: How To Hang Antlers On Wall?

How do you hang a single antler on the wall?

Take a Dremel tool and cut the head off of the nail. Now place the shelf on the wall. Now take the antler and drill a hole thru the center of the pedicle straight up about 1 1/4 inches. Now slide the antler onto the nail and it will stand on it’s own.

How do you attach wood antlers?

Antler Coat Rack

Use reclaimed barn wood, pine, or your choice of wood then attach four or five sections of antlers to serve as hooks. Sand or miter cut the sheds if necessary for them to sit flush against the wood. Drill a hole in the wood, put a bolt through and epoxy it with 1/2″ of thread sticking out.

Can you screw into antlers?

To mount your own antlers into a plaque, first plan out where they will be attached, and mark the spot where you need to drill. So, go ahead and drill into the antler. But it depends on how strong you are, how much pressure you can put in the drill, and how good your drill & drill bit are. Just don’t give up.

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Can you mount shed antlers?

Shed antlers can be mounted to cabinetry and doors! They make excellent natural handles.

How do you prepare antlers for mounting?

Bring a large pot of water to boil. Place the antlers in and boil for at least 10 minutes to kill any bacteria. Remove the antlers from the boiling water. Use a solution of half water and half bleach to scrub the antlers and skull base lightly to remove any dirt and deodorize the skull.

How are deer antlers attached to mount?

The most common method of mounting deer antlers on a plaque involves keeping the antlers intact with the skull plate. In this case, you remove the antlers, keeping them connected to the skull plate, by sawing down into the skull in front of both antlers and just behind the eye sockets.

What can you make out of antlers?

10 Functional (and Stylish) Things You Can Make with Shed Antlers

  • Rustic Light Fixture. Example of an antler chandelier.
  • Dream Catchers. Pinterest/Auragon.
  • Curtain Tiebacks. Image via Amazon.
  • Antler Cross. Image via Etsy.
  • Towel Rack. Image via Liz Marie Blog.
  • Coat Hooks. Image via Piston Cars.
  • Jewelry Display. Image via Pinterest.
  • Wine Rack. Image via DIY Head.

How do you decorate with antlers?

Antlers can be turned into candle holders or whole candelabras, they are perfect for creating cabin-style chandeliers and lamps. Add them to wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, wind chimes to make your home décor cozier and comfier.

How do you secure wood antlers?

Take your bolts and screw them through the antler and into the board, securing them in the back with the nut. If the bolts are too long, you can cut them with bolt cutters or a hacksaw. 5. Now you can secure the hanging hardware on the back of the board and hang them up!

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How do you store deer antlers?

  1. Clean the antlers. While you are still outside, use a cloth to gently clean the dirt and debris off the antlers.
  2. Bring the antlers inside.
  3. Cover the antlers with a protective coating.
  4. Soak the antlers in a solution of one part linseed oil and one part turpentine to help preserve them.

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