Quick Answer: How To Wire A Garbage Disposal Wall Switch?

How is a garbage disposal wired?

Garbage disposals (sometimes called food disposers) can be connected to the electrical power supply in one of two ways. They are sometimes hardwired directly into a dedicated circuit, or they can be wired with an appliance cord that plugs into a wall outlet that is usually located inside the sink base cabinet.

Does a garbage disposal need a special switch?

Replacement Switch for Garbage Disposal

In all likelihood, a single pole switch for a garbage disposal is most likely, and likely has a single throw component. Disposal switches require the off position to be marked. Bring the old switch to the hardware store for reference if you have any questions about its type.

Does garbage disposal wiring need to be in conduit?

Either type of garbage disposal wiring requires a dedicated type of connector at the appliance wall penetration. The conduit or cord must be secured in place and connection checked periodically. Garbage disposal wiring must include grounding!

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Should I hardwire my garbage disposal?

Garbage disposals should be either hardwired or connected to an outlet through a grounded electrical outlet. A dedicated circuit is generally recommended, although a circuit that is shared with a dishwasher is sometimes appropriate. The best authority on this distinction is the disposal’s user manual.

Can a garbage disposal be wired backwards?

Your disposer is still doing what it did before you re-did the wiring for the dishwasher receptacle. A 120V AC motor cannot be reversed by reversing the wires feeding it.

What size breaker does a garbage disposal need?

Garbage Disposal Circuit

A dedicated 15-amp circuit is required, fed by a 14/2 NM cable with a ground. You may also elect to feed the disposer with a 20-amp circuit, using 12/2 NM wire with a ground. This is often done when the local Code allows the disposal to share a circuit with the dishwasher.

Does a garbage disposal need a 20 Amp switch?

Ideally, a garbage disposal should be on its own 15-amp or 20amp circuit. Second choice is to have it share a 20amp circuit with the dishwasher. Putting the disposal on a circuit serving countertop receptacles is not an option.

Where should a garbage disposal switch be placed?

SAFE ACTIVATION using disposal air switch

The wall switch is best mounted off the surface area of a counter or sink (to avoid the wet environment), which can make them an inconvenience. If the switch were installed near the sink, exposure to water and other liquid, with the potential of a shock hazard!

How many amps does a 1/3 hp garbage disposal draw?

The larger the motor, the more powerful the disposal, and the more power required to run it. I have a model that is 1/3 horsepower, and according to the manual draws 4.0 amps. Typical home models are less than 1 horsepower. Normally a dishwasher and disposal will do fine on the same circuit.

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What wire do you use for a garbage disposal?

Have an electrician run a 12/2 wire from the circuit box to the switch hole. Contact an electrician and let them know you’re installing a new switch and outlet for a garbage disposal. Allow them to install a dedicated circuit in your home’s main electrical box and let them run wires to the hole you made for the switch.

Can Romex be exposed under sink?

Doubt if I can leave the Romex exposed under the sink & behind the dishwasher as is? Type NM cable is only required to be protected “where subject to physical damage”. This is entirely a judgement call, but IMO, it is not. You should secure the cable to the surface as required.

Can Romex be exposed in a cabinet?

Romex inside cabinets is considered subject to damage and not allowed.

Do all garbage disposals have a plug?

Most new disposals don’t come with a cord and plug. If your old unit has a cord and plug, you can remove the whole assembly and reinstall it on the new unit.

Can you put an electrical outlet under a sink?

It must be a GFCI, and it must be within 3 feet of the edge of the sink. Either behind or beside the sink is acceptable — across from the sink on an opposite wall is not. If the bathroom has two sinks, each must have an electrical receptacle within 3 feet.

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