Quick Answer: What If Ned Stark Went To The Wall?

What if Ned Stark took the black?

Robb would be recognized as Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, Hoster Tully would be recognized as Lord of Riverrun and Lord Paramount of the Trident, and would be pardoned and welcomed back into the King’s Peace, Ned’s men’s bones would all return North (with Ice), Sansa and Arya would head North, Tommen

What would happen if Ned Stark didn’t go south?

If Ned didn’t go south then he would have never found out that Joffrey (and Tommen & Myrcella) were not Robert’s true children. In addition to this, the Lannisters and the Starks would not have been hostile towards each other (since there would have been no altercation between Arya and Joffrey on the King’s Road.

Why did Ned let Jon go to the wall?

Ned didn’t just send Jon to the Wall to protect him, he did it to make sure Jon would never be a threat to Robert’s rule. Ned did not want a return to Targaryen rule. King Aerys had killed his brother and father and he would never have forgiven Rhaegar even after Lyanna revealed she had married him.

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What if Ned escapes King’s Landing?

If Ned Stark had managed to reach the North after escaping King’s Landing, the Lannisters would have been forced to offer him his daughters in return for their lives. Ned was fostered in the Vale. He is known. He also is Hand of the King, the rightful regent in place of Robert till a new king is crowned.

What if Ned Stark bent the knee?

if Ned bent the knee, he likely agreed to Baelish’s plans to marry his children to Cersei’s. If Ned accepted Baelish’s plan, even though its not honorable and stayed Hand/Lord Protector while his daughter becomes queen, he would have had alot of power but ultimately hated every minute.

Did Stannis get Ned’s letter?

The letter never reached Stannis in the books. However, Stannis had been working with Jon Arryn in investigating this matter before Jon bit the dust. Stannis immediately leaves Kings’ Landing and has no communication with Ned afterwards.

What were Ned Starks last words?

More Game of Thrones

Many theories have made the rounds over the years as to what Ned said in his final moments but Bean finally revealed what his character’s last words on the show were in a recent interview with Huffington Post. According to the Lord of the Rings actor, Ned was… “just saying a prayer.”

Does Ned Stark come back?

Ned coming back to life is far from the craziest thing that’s happened on the show so far (Beric Dondarrion has been brought back to life six times so far), and the next season may see Ned reprise his role as leader of House Stark because of one key detail, The Faceless Men.

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Could Ned Stark have been king?

But would never have happened since Ned never wanted to be king. He didn’t even want to rule the North, but he forced himself to because he felt it was his duty. Ned couldn’t have been the King on the Iron Throne no more than Rhaegar Targaryen could have been Lord of Winterfell.

Why didnt Ned tell Catelyn about Jon?

Cat hated Jon in the books not because he was Ned’s bastard, but because she saw Jon as a threat to her children’s inheritance. And boy harboring Jon – not only a Targaryen but also Rhaegar and Lyanna’s son – was way more of a threat to her children than even having Ned’s bastard raised at Winterfell.

Why did Jon Snow die in the books?

Branded a traitor by his Night’s Watch brothers, Jon Snow is stabbed to death by a group of mutineers at the very end of Game of Thrones season 5 (and towards the end of the fifth A Song of Ice and Fire book, A Dance With Dragons).

Why was Ned Stark betrayed?

Baelish betrays Stark because Eddard was going to go against his wishes to have Joffery be the successor. While as insane a plan as it seemed, it was Littlefinger’s best chance to retain what power he had as Head of Coin. This resulted in turning the City Guard against Ned, instead of in his favour.

Is Ned Stark good?

He’s a good and honorable man, and he was well suited for his role as Warden of the North. But as king of the Seven Kingdoms, Ned would find himself navigating unfamiliar waters. Ned has no head for politics, you might say. His honor made him too unbending in his convictions and too rigid in his politics.

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How long does Ned Stark live?

Eddard Stark

Eddard Stark by Amok©
Born In 263 AC, at Winterfell
Died In 299 AC (aged 36), at Great Sept of Baelor in King’s Landing
Spouse(s) Lady Catelyn Tully
Lover(s) Wylla (supposedly) Ashara Dayne (rumored) Fisherman’s daughter (rumored)

What would have happened if Renly lived?

Then, Renly and his forces could move in and take Kings Landing. Yes, it probably would be different. Had Renly have lived, he would have moved against Stannis unless said person withdrew to Dragonstone. Regardless, he would have formed an alliance with Robb Stark, to remove the Lannister hold on Kings Landing.

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