Quick Answer: Where To Buy White Wall Tires?

Are white wall tires still available?

Although wide whitewalls are virtually nonexistent as a factory option on modern automobiles, they are still manufactured in original bias-ply or radial form by specialty outlets such as Coker Tire and Vogue Tyre.

How expensive are white wall tires?

Radial White Wall Tires

$277.00 $310.00
215/75R15 American Classic 1.3″ Whitewall 215/75R15 American Classic 2-3/4″ Whitewall
$177.00 $279.00
215/75R15 Coker Classic 2-1/2″ Whitewall 760R15 American Classic 3-1/4″ Whitewall Radial
$238.00 $314.00

Does Walmart sell white wall tires?

Get a deluxe upgrade of your classic cars with Suretrac power touring white wall sets. It is a very popular passenger all-season tire at an affordable price. Wide white side wall with extra ply or overlay cap.


Tire Width 175 Millimeters
Assembled Product Weight 18 lbs
Tire Load Index 86

Are white wall Tyres illegal?

Re: Painted wall Tyres Legal? if the walls are cast with the tyre during the manufacturing process, this is LEGAL. if the walls are painted on with the sidewall being etched, shaved, ground etc whether or not the load ratings have been ground off, this is ILLEGAL.

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Why are white wall tires so expensive?

Manufacturing white wall tires is expensive, as they require special compounds, and if the market does not want to pay for it, then it loses interest. White paints aren’t effective in making the white walls stay white.

Does Michelin make a white wall tire?

A Michelin official says the change from a whitewall, long a symbol of the U.S. gaudy consumer culture, to the blackwall or plainwall was dictated by the realities of today’s tire market. “Basically we have whitewall tires because our customers still want them. We’re just showing them less and less.

How do you put white wall tires on?

Do-It-Yourself and add a rubber White Wall tire stripe to your vehicle tires, brought to you by Tire Stickers. Simply prep the tire surface with Acetone to clean off dirt and oil, then glue on each piece and enjoy the new look! This white wall kit can fit 14 inch, 15 inch as well as most other tire sizes.

How do you clean white wall tires?

Sprinkle baking soda onto a damp cloth or sponge. Wipe the surface of your whitewall tires in small, circular motions. Rinse the tires clean. Rinse the cloth and reapply baking soda every few minutes until you’re satisfied with the results.

How are white wall tires made?

Their method involves taking an existing blackwall tire and adding a whitewall to it by grinding the sidewall down and bonding a strip of white rubber to the tire. This is a very similar process to the old days of re-capping tires, but it involves the sidewall instead of the tread.

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How do I get my white walls white again?

Cleaning Oil-Based Paint

Dilute two or three tablespoons white vinegar in a gallon of water and add sweet orange essential oil to spray. Clean your walls spraying the mix and wipe out with a dry sponge; Clean your walls with this mixture. Wipe down your walls with a piece of cloth or sponge.

Does white wall tire paint work?

It does work and can look reasonably nice with a lot of effort but not much money. Grinding a set of RWL tires is a better method although it takes some practice and you need the right tires. Buying new Cokers is the way to go for a nice car and if you can afford it.

Are white wall Tyres illegal in NSW?

These tyres are not legal in NSW. They usually have sidewalls that are ground or buffed to provide a base for coloured paint to be applied. Any grinding or buffing to parts of the tyre is a safety concern as it has the potential to induce weak spots within the tyre wall structure.

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