Readers ask: How Do Mixtiles Stick To The Wall?

Do Mixtiles really stick?

They’re frames with your photo prints that can stick and unstick without doing damage. Each frame comes with a sticky strip on the back. Check out our review to see the Mixtiles in action!

How can I stick my Mixtiles?

Once you’ve ordered your tiles from the Mixtiles app or website, hanging them is a breeze—just peel the backing off the adhesive mounting pads and press them into place on your wall wherever you think they’ll look good.

Do Mixtiles stay on walls?

2. No damage to your walls — which means no wasted money! Since Mixtiles go on and come off the wall so smoothly with their sticky backs, it leaves no damage to the wall.

Do Mixtiles stick to concrete walls?

These people really want you to have a great experience. Adhesive quality is good — Mixtiles stick really well onto walls, and aren’t super difficult to remove.

How many times can you Restick Mixtiles?

That’s why we developed a special adhesive that lets you move, adjust, and re-stick your Mixtiles at least two dozen times, without ever damaging your walls. Go ahead, change it up with the seasons.

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Is there a cheaper version of Mixtiles?

Mixtiles prints three photo tiles for $58 and each additional tile for $12 per piece. Photosquared is way cheaper; you only need to pay $48 for four photo tiles and $8 for each extra square. Vividly on matters pricing, Photosquared is the best alternative.

Can I make my own Mixtiles?

DIY MixTiles! Just print off a photo on your home printer on regular paper, and Modge podge it to a stretch canvas and voilà!

What is similar to Mixtiles?

Similar to Mixtiles

  • Snaptiles.
  • Phototile.
  • Printage.
  • Wallpics.

How much space is between Mixtiles?

If you’re not sure as to how much distance to leave between frames, although there is no universal answer, leaving a space of 2” to 5” between frames is a good rule of thumb.

Will Mixtile stick to textured walls?

These can stick to textured walls, brick, glass and even wood. You download the app and you choose the photos to upload. Then you get to pick your Mixtiles style.

How long does it take for Mixtiles to arrive?

In general, it should take about 3 days for the tiles to be delivered after they’re shipped out but it may take longer if there are shipping delays. You’ll see your estimated delivery date on your confirmation email after you’ve placed your order!

Where are Mixtiles shipped from?

Many people don’t know this, but Mixtiles is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel! Mixtiles ships all over the world — and every order comes with 100% free shipping! Orders have been placed in over 30 countries in the past month alone. It just goes to show you: people all over want to show off photo memories on their walls!

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How do you stick photos on a wall?

Remember to make the numbers backward, since the face of the photos are on the floor. Then tape the backs together to make solid sheets, like in Martha’s example. Hold them to the wall and then use the same tape across the top of the big numbers to stick them good.

What adhesive is used on Mixtiles?

I used spray adhesive in the beginning, but it’s messy. I actually switched to modge podge applied with a brush and it went much smoother without any bubbling.

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