Readers ask: How To Decorate A Big Wall?

What can I do with empty wall space?

31 Creative Ways To Fill Empty Wall Space

  1. Hang a rug as wall tapestry.
  2. Build a mantel and floating shelf.
  3. Infuse color with hanging flower vases.
  4. Create your own yarn wall.
  5. Turn wooden coffee stirrers into modern art.
  6. Add design and style with Spanish tiles.
  7. Craft floating shelves.
  8. Build your own geometric pattern.

What can I put on my large living room wall?

Discover 20 wall decor ideas that are sure to add style to your home.

  1. Go for Large-Scale Art. Grant Gibson lets a 10′ x 6′ Peggy Wong photograph take center stage in a client’s living room.
  2. Create a Gallery Wall.
  3. Incorporate an Accent Wall.
  4. Showcase Fabric.
  5. Hang Mirrors.
  6. Paint a Mural.
  7. Install Shelves.
  8. Hang Plates.

How do you decorate a long living room wall?

Here are some of our ideas about what you can do to decorate a large wall in your living room.

  1. A Giant Painting.
  2. A Collection of Plants.
  3. An Eclectic Collection.
  4. Mirrors.
  5. Hang A Giant Television.
  6. Think Of Grouping Photos Or Prints.
  7. Hang A Mural.
  8. Install A Wallpapered Accent Wall.
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How do you decorate a large wall behind a couch?

If the space directly behind your couch is rather small, consider using small items like hanging plants. Plants easily liven up any room and add great natural texture and color. Hang a large piece of art perpendicular to the couch since there’s expansive space there.

How do you fill awkward wall space?

What To Do With Awkward Wall Space

  1. Tall open space in barn-style home with thermostat in the middle of the tall wall.:-(
  2. Tall cabinet to fill vacant corner adds height and works well.
  3. What wall decor arrangement to put above a large corner sectional sofa?
  4. Media room with large sectional sofa – What wall decor work here?

How do you decorate a large office wall?

Let’s have a brief about all the ideas that can help you to decorate your office walls with the best decoration ideas.

  1. 1)Wall Sculptures.
  2. 2) Floating Office Shelves For Wall Decor.
  3. 3) Hangings Alphabets on the wall.
  4. 4) Canvas with Sayings.
  5. 5) Fun Pattern wallpaper.
  6. 6) Acrylic Wall Calander.
  7. 7) Pressed Flower Frames.

What can I use to decorate my bedroom walls?

Here are some easy ways you can take your bedroom wall decorating to the next level.

  • Paint (or wallpaper) the wall a rich, vibrant color.
  • Hang a patterned rug.
  • Add a wall mural.
  • Create a gallery wall.
  • Hang a room divider.
  • Hang a horizontal painting or mirror.
  • Hang a series of wall art horizontally.

Does every wall need decor?

The key to any successful interior design is balance. That means when it comes to hanging pictures, no, you don’t need to fill every wall space with pictures. Empty wall space can be used as a crucial design element to enhance your décor.

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What can I put on a blank bedroom wall?

4 Things to do with an empty wall in your bedroom

  1. Paint the Wall with a Vibrant Color. Painting the wall behind your bed with a different and a vibrant colour than the rest of the room might give the overall room a look that you were looking for.
  2. Add a Wall Mural or a Painting.
  3. Hang Mirrors.
  4. Add Sculptural Sconces.

How do I decorate a small narrow living room?

Ideas for Decorating a Long and Narrow Living Room

  1. Form a Straight Walkway.
  2. Create a Curved Pathway.
  3. Pull Furniture Away From the Walls.
  4. Use Circular Pieces.
  5. Create an L- or U-Shape Seating Area.
  6. Divide the Space.
  7. Maximize Vertical Space.

How do you decorate an odd shaped room?

Use mirrors to enhance a small, oddshaped area of the room. If you want your living room to seem more spacious, reflective glass and mirrors placed in strategic areas will seemingly double the space. These can also be used to create a sense of symmetry in a room with awkward walls or architectural features.

How yo make a room look bigger?

These simple tips will help you make a small room look bigger without breaking the bank.

  1. Clear Out the Clutter.
  2. Open the Way.
  3. Chooser Soft, Light Hues.
  4. Use a Monochromatic Color Scheme.
  5. Let in the Light.
  6. Utilize Glass and Lucite.
  7. Add Reflective Surfaces.
  8. Go Big.

Should a sofa go against the wall?

While it’s a popular layout option – especially if you’re restricted on space – there are designers who say a sofa against a wall is a decorating mistake that should be avoided. So what exactly is the answer? So, there is no right or wrong way as the position of your sofa will be dependent on space.

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What do you put behind an angled sofa?

A couple of silk trees or palms can be wonderful if they are of varying heights, and well lit from the floor. Another option for behind the sofa is a long sofa table. This is practical because it can hold either one lamp at an end, or two buffet style lamps at either end to bring more warmth to the room.

What do you put behind a floating couch?

Have Your Sofa’s Back: 4 Ideas for What to do with the Space Behind Your Sofa

  1. Console Table. Perhaps the most obvious idea, a console table is a great option to cover your sofa’s behind.
  2. Bench.
  3. Seating Nook.
  4. Desk.

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