Readers ask: How To Paint A Chevron Pattern On A Wall?

How do you paint a chevron pattern with painters tape?

Paint in your chevron stripes.

These should be the lines you’ve marked with bits of tape. Go over each area with a thick paintbrush or thick roller, and then let it dry. Once all the paint has dried, carefully pull off the painter’s tape and voila!

How do you paint multiple stripes on a wall?

  1. Paint the entire wall white. Let dry.
  2. Tape off random vertical stripes in varying widths. Keep in mind that you’ll want to leave some stripes white. Paint these stripes light coral.
  3. Re-tape another set of stripes for the dark coral. Paint, remove the tape, and let dry, then repeat for the blue stripes. Next Up.

How do I paint a wall?

Follow These Steps

  1. Clean the walls.
  2. Tape the trim.
  3. Pour primer into a tray.
  4. Roll the primer onto the wall.
  5. Paint the trim.
  6. Roll on paint in a “w” shape.
  7. Remove the painter’s tape.

How do you tape stripes for painting?

Carefully apply your painter’s tape along the outside edge of each pencil mark. Press down firmly on the inner edges of the tape to create crisp, clean lines for your striped accent wall. Paint the wider stripe of the two stripes you marked off with your base paint color.

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