FAQ: How To Get The The Karate King Pokemon Silver?

How do you get Tyrogue mt mortar?

Kiyo is a fighting master who hangs out in Mt. Mortar. If you defeat him in battle, he rewards you with a Level 10 Tyrogue. This is the only way to get a Tyrogue within the game.

How do you get through Mt mortar in soul silver?

You can surf to the left to find an isolated island smack-dab in the middle of Route 42. On this island, you can find a Super Potion. You will also find a cave entrance heading back into Mt. Mortar, and a sapling blocking your way southward. Mt. Mortar.

Pokemon to Find /Acquire
Machop Cave
Raticate Cave
Rattata Cave
Zubat Cave

When can you get Tyrogue Soulsilver?

A Tyrogue is given to you at level 10.

How do you get Hitmontop?

Once you have a Tyrogue, how it evolves from into the three fighting types depends on its stats:

  1. If Attack is higher than other stats, Tyrogue evolves into Hitmonlee.
  2. If Defence is higher than other stats, Tyrogue evolves into Hitmonchan.
  3. If Stamina / HP is higher than other stats, Tyrogue evolves into Hitmontop.
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How do you get to the waterfall in Mt mortar?

To get to the entrance that leads to the waterfall, you need to Surf across the water on Route 42 and enter the cave there (near where Suicune is found on that route).

How do you get waterfall in soul silver?

On your way to blackthorn City, you have to Get past the Ice Path. On your way to the First Ladder theres a guy who looks alot like a Photogropher and you need to get his TM that he droped to get past him. After you get it for him He gives it to you since he is stuck on the ice and wont have eny use to him.

How do you get Hitmonchan in soul silver?

There are no wild Hitmonchan in Soul Silver, so you can’t actually “catch” it, but you can get one by evolving Tyrogue which you can get as a gift from the Karate King in Mt. Mortar. If the Tyrogue’s attack stat is greater than its defense stat and you level it up to Level 20, it will evolve into Hitmonchan.

Is Marill Gen 2?

Marill (Japanese: マリル Maril) is a dual-type Water/Fairy Pokémon introduced in Generation II. Prior to Generation VI, it was a pure Water-type Pokémon. It evolves from Azurill when leveled up with high friendship and evolves into Azumarill starting at level 18.

How do you catch Marill?

Where do i find and how to get Marill? Marill does not spawn in the wild. Instead you can catch Azurill and evolve it into Marill. A popular spawn location you can find Azurill is in the Brawlers’ Cave area with a 5% chance to spawn during Normal weather.

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What is Hitmontop hidden ability?

Steadfast ( hidden ability )

How do you evolve Tyrogue in soul silver?

Tyrogue will evolve into Hitmontop only if its attack and defense are equal. The easiest way I’ve found to do this is to put Tyrogue in the daycare until level 19 then level it up one. Just be sure that the stats line up before allowing it to evolve, otherwise it may evolve into Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan.

Which evolution of Tyrogue is best?

While Hitmonlee does have the best attack, it is Hitmonchop that has the best defense. Meanwhile, Hitmonchan is in the middle of the two, boasting the second highest attack and defense. All three of them have the same stamina stats.

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